Creating A Free IMLeagues Account

Campus Recreation uses the free site IMLeagues for virtual Group Fitness classes and Intramurals (in-person sports & Gaming). New to IMLeagues? Check out the steps below on how to set up your free account.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click on the “Create Account” button in the top right corner.

Step 3

Fill out the account registration form. Make sure that Georgetown University is selected from the first drop down in the form. *Important: Do NOT click the “Sign up with Facebook” button.

Step 4

You’re all set! Once you’re logged in, toggle between the Intramurals tab and Group Fitness tab to choose the activity you would like to register for.

Step 5

If you are interested in signing up for a Gaming tournament, and have not signed up for a free GEEX account yet, please visit our how-to page for creating a GEEX account.