Vendor Partnership Requests

We are seeking partners that contribute a strong platform to support our positive Fitness & Wellness message and brand, while simultaneously providing mutual benefits for both entities. Through our collaborations, we hope to enhance and elevate our participant and member experiences across all aspects of fitness, wellness, nutrition, and health. We strive to operate seamlessly with a high standard of quality and service through support of locally-owned, locally-sourced, or locally-grown ingredients and products. We will continue to explore new and unique businesses and products that showcase our commitment to Cura Personalis- care of the whole person in body, mind, and spirit.

Have a beverage, food, snack, apparel, equipment, or fitness item you’d like to share? Interested in partnering with Campus Recreation? Please contact Chris Baunoch, Assistant Director of Marketing and Strategic Engagement, for more information about potential partnership opportunities.

Current Partnerships



Equipment/Fitness Items