Tips for Staying Healthy & Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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By Christie L. Simoson, Assistant Fitness Director
April Fitness & Wellness Corner

We have had to create new schedules, learn how to work remotely, and learn how to stay motivated from afar. For this month’s blog post, I wanted to provide some tips on how to fulfill your cura personalis mission during this trying time. More specifically, guidelines on taking care of yourself through an aspect of your overall well-being — physical health.

Gyms are shutting down across the country and individuals who rely on those friendly faces greeting you at the front desk, the trainers to push you toward your goal, those instructors to put together the game plan for the day, or those fellow gym mates that you see during your routine visit, may be struggling right now to continue their workouts. I understand. I am not going to say that I have always loved at-home workouts or that I am always motivated to exercise in my own home, because it would not be true. I am the type of person that enjoys going to a place to take care of business, better known as exercise. However, there is a silver lining to this quarantine – you will come out of this resilient, with stronger positive habits than before.

This is the time to focus on those habits that you haven’t quite had the chance to work on prior. For example, I have been trying to drink more water throughout the day at work. I was very cognisant of this, yet would sometimes get so wrapped up ‘working’ that I would forget to actually grab my water bottle to fill it up. Then, when I would go to grab a sip, it would be empty (we all know that feeling). Yet I wouldn’t get up just yet because I was ‘in the middle of something’ – even though the water fountains are so very easily accessible! While my kitchen sink is certainly just as easy to get to, I am making it a point to get up, grab some water, pet my dog (which, let’s face it, makes it all worth it), and then get back to work. I guess my point would be to do something now that your future self will thank you for. In the midst of all of this chaos, one thing we were granted was an additional amount of time that we normally don’t have. Whether you spend it with your family, working out, or taking time to yourself to just relax, use it wisely and stay positive! Below are some tips to stay healthy during this very difficult time.

Set a schedule!

Just because your computer is readily available 24/7, doesn’t mean that you should be as well. Set your work hours just as you would in your physical office. This helps not only you to remember to take time for yourself, but it also sets a standard for your colleagues to know when you are accessible.

Stick to your routine!

I understand that the temptation to sleep in is very real. Get out of those pajamas and stick to your regular schedule; this will help you to stay focused and keep those goals on track!

Create healthy snacking habits

Now more than ever, we need to maintain an eating schedule, as access to our fridge is so incredibly convenient at this time. It would be beneficial to meal prep and pre-pack some healthy snack options that are easily grabbable throughout the day. Some examples of these include a bag of carrots or celery + peanut butter or hummus, a serving of fruit to fulfill that sweet craving, a handful of nuts, or even a serving of pretzels (more snacking tips here and recipes here). Have kids? Get them involved! Teach them how to food prep; you can even create a fun assembly line for packaging the food!

Get your family involved!

I understand that some may have children at home who are normally at school while others may have elderly parents/grandparents who we must assist throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to get them involved in your healthy habits! You can include them in your workouts or meditation. Research shows that meditation increases attention and focus in children. It has also been shown to decrease levels of anxiety and stress, while increasing school performance and sleeping benefits. Another idea is to create your own fun workout to involve the family. We just released a Deck of Cards workout on our Facebook page and our website. While we chose those specific exercises, feel free to pick your own, and have your child or elder family member pick the card from the top to tell you what exercise to do! Another idea would be to take turns having each family member flip a card and complete that exercise! Here are our directions for creating the Deck of Cards workout.

Join a virtual class!

What better way to hold yourself accountable than to commit to a virtual class? There are many streaming services out there – did you know we are posting multiple virtual classes each week? Check out our classes here! We would love for you to comment on our videos so we know you completed the workout with us.

Create your own workout!

I know it can be tough to create your own workout at times, however, we will be posting resources on our social media (Instagram | Facebook | Twitter) and virtual exercises webpage to help you along the way! These resources will be posted on Tuesdays and will include examples of bodyweight movements that you can complete at home.

Once settled into this new virtual world, this is an awesome opportunity to continue or create your healthy habits! As stated earlier, do something now that your future self will thank you for. Again, I understand times are certainly tough, but YOU GOT THIS! Feel free to let us know what you are doing to stay healthy. Stay safe and stay home!


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