Reinvest … in Yourself.

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By Christie L. Simoson, Assistant Fitness Director
January Fitness & Wellness Corner

‘Tis the season for New Year resolutions! Some individuals view this as a time to reflect on the past year and make some new goals such as increasing their amount of exercise, healthier eating habits, volunteering, cleaning out closets, and sticking to budgets. New beginnings are great and starting them on the first day of the year sounds like a match made in heaven, but how realistic are they really?

This year, I challenge you to not make a New Year resolution. That’s right – throw those resolutions right out the window! Instead, I encourage you to change your way of thinking, focusing on making life changes. You may be asking, “what’s the difference?” Well, for one, if you fall off the wagon for a week or two, you won’t full-on give up on your goal. Life changes take time; they are not an “all or nothing” thing to check off the list. We need to hone in on reinvesting in ourselves! Below are a few tips that will set you up to make attainable goals.

1- Be S.M.A.R.T. about it.

Figure 1: SMART Goal – Definition, Guide, and Importance of Goal Setting. (n.d.).

Don’t just say you are going to do something. Plan it out using the world-renowned S.M.A.R.T. method.

S – Specific: Make your goals specific to you! Think about what ‘run more’ or ‘get more exercise’ means to you and write it down!

M – Measurable: Define interim goals on the path to success. If your goal is to work out three times per week, put a star on your calendar every day you did!

A – Achievable: Let’s make sure your goal is realistic. Don’t dive into it all at once. Pace yourself! For example, saying you want to food prep, exercise three times per week, go to bed an hour earlier, AND cut out sugar is pretty excessive all at once. Take it step by step. Try cutting out sugar in the spring; then, in the fall, begin food prep. Try adding that extra hour of sleep in the winter (it gets darker earlier, so what better time?!).

R – Relevant: Ask yourself if your goal is relevant for you. If you feel as if your goal does not get you a step closer to your big picture, then choose a different one right from the start.

T – time-bound: Set a date! Work towards your deadline every day.

(Boogaard, 2019).

2- Find your good reasons

Not all tasks have a good reason behind it at first sight, but if you take a few moments to analyze, you can easily spot something good. Setting a reason behind a goal will give you the motivation to follow through and finish the task. Some examples of finding a good reason behind your task include a feeling of accomplishment or becoming a step closer to your overall goal.

3- Make it

When it comes to motivation, attitude is everything! Think about your goal and ask yourself these questions: how can I enjoy this task? What can I do to make this more fun? How can I make this the best part of my day?

4- Visualize your goals

Repeat your personal mantra to yourself several times a day (i.e. ‘I can do this’, ‘I am strong’, ‘today’s workout is going to be a huge success’). Your mind is a powerful thing; use it in a positive manner to keep yourself motivated!

5- Reward yourself

When you reach one of your goals leading to your big picture, feel free to reward yourself i.e. buying yourself a new workout shirt. This will not only give you the feeling of accomplishment, but will also motivate you to dive back into your goals even further, while wearing your well-earned new apparel!

6- Consider working toward your goal with like-minded people

By becoming part of an exercise group, you will be held accountable by your peers. You are less likely to stay on your couch on that cold, rainy day when you are supposed to be meeting a few friends to take that group fitness class at the gym in an hour!

So there you have it. Now you have the tools to create your very own realistic goals that will later develop into a lifestyle. Remember, it is okay to put yourself first and to work toward your goal gradually. We aren’t in it for a quick fix – it doesn’t exist. If you want quality results you have to put in the time and effort. Also, don’t feel discouraged if you miss a day or even a week! You can always get right back at it. YOU GOT THIS! Now go make some goals!

Need help making attainable goals and assessing your behavioral habits? Check out our Health & Wellness Coaching. Our coaches will certainly help you reach your goals (no matter what they are)!


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