Tennis & Squash Private Instruction

Tennis and squash private instruction offer one-on-one instruction for players of all ages, as well as semi-private instruction to form your own group. We offer year-round private instruction for novice, beginner and intermediate level players. Please review our rates for private instruction below. In order to schedule a lesson after following the below instructions, please contact Kathleen Collins-BellCancellations can be made via email through Kathleen Collins-Bell. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Before First Day

  1. Login to your online account or create an account. For help, watch this video for steps to create your accountPlease note that Georgetown University students, faculty, and staff do not need to create an account and can log in with a Georgetown NetID.
  2. Save a credit card to your account so that we can charge after each lesson.
  3. Sign our Racquet Sports waiver.

First Day

We suggest you arrive early on the first day, especially if this is your first time to Georgetown’s campus. When you arrive at Yates Field House, please let the Front Desk know that you are here for a private tennis/squash lesson. The registration will be under the name of the person taking the lesson.

Tennis/Squash Private Instruction Rates

Adult Pro

Lesson TypeMember Pricing

Non-Member Pricing
Private | 1/2 Hour$50$55
Private | 1 Hour$90$98
2 Players | 1/2 Hour$56 ($28/person)$66 ($33/person)
2 Players | 1 Hour$102 ($51/person)$120 ($60/person)
3 Players | 1/2 Hour$60 ($20/person)$69 ($23/person)
3 Players | 1 Hour$120 ($40/person)$135 ($45/person)
4 Players | 1/2 Hour$68 ($17/person)$80 ($20/person)
4 Players | 1 Hour$136 ($34/person)$160 ($40/person)
5 Players | 1/2 Hour$75 ($15/person)$90 ($18/person)
5 Players | 1 Hour$150 ($30/person)$175 ($35/person)
6 Players | 1/2 Hour$84 ($14/person)$96 ($16/person)
6 Players | 1 Hour$162 ($27/person)$192 ($32/person)

Tennis Lesson Rates

Student Pro/Varsity Student Pro

Lesson TypeMember PricingNon-Member Pricing
Student Pro | 1/2 Hour$40$45
Student | 1 Hour$70$80
2 Players | 1/2 Hour$50 ($25/person)$60 ($30/person)
2 Players | 1 Hour$90 ($45/person)$100 ($50/person)
3 Players | 1/2 Hour$45 ($15/person)$54 ($18/person)
3 Players | 1 Hour$96 ($32/person)$105 ($35/person)
4 Players | 1/2 Hour$48 ($12/person)$56 ($14/person)
4 Players | 1 Hour$104 ($26/person)$112 ($28/person)
5 Players | 1/2 Hour$50 ($10/person)$60 ($12/person)
5 Players | 1 Hour$105 ($21/person)$115 ($23/person)