Personal Trainer Bios


Andre holds a BS in Physical Education as well as a MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He has a background in health and fitness as well as athletic performance training with over 20 years of certification and experience in the field. His passion for fitness began through his love of sports and developed as a varsity athlete in basketball. His approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming with a specific focus given to cardiovascular and strength training in combination with balance and flexibility training. He establishes long-term client interactions with the goal of integrating exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life.


Christopher is a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has an extensive background from training professional and amateur athletes to working professionals with nominal experience in fitness. Christopher approaches fitness as a life long behavior modification where we have continuous improvement. He defines his sessions as simple, challenging, and efficient with an emphasis on proper form and mobility. His favorite client is anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it!


Kimber holds a B.A. in Kinesiology and is a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Her passion for exercise began during her first experience with Tae Bo at a young age. At that point, she knew that she was destined to work in the health/wellness field. She believes that along with exercise, holistic wellness strategies are the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. She specializes in weight loss, strength/conditioning, and correcting biomechanical deficiencies so clients can vivaciously live their best lives. Kimber believes that exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting task, so she prides herself on making training sessions fun, yet challenging, educational, and most importantly effective! Having grown up in an environment where health and wellness was a priority, she vows to spread her passion for a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible to help make the world a happier, healthier place.

Maegen holds a BS in Biology/Pre-Medical Sciences and a MS in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She also holds a specialty certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Spinning Instructor, and TRX Instructor. Maegen has an extensive background in strength, conditioning, speed, endurance, and agility training as she was a former collegiate athlete. Maegen incorporates a holistic approach to her client sessions, targeting all components of health and wellness. Her focus on teaching proper form, posture, and balance helps ensure client’s body and spatial awareness while exercising. Maegen aims to educate clients, help them obtain positive behavior change, and create lifelong healthy habits.

Sara became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer in 2022. Additionally, she has completed over 600 hours of Yoga teacher training and has been teaching yoga for about five years, and has also taught Spinning for about three years. She first got into fitness in the summer of 2014 when she had an internship in DC and committed to working out at Yates Field House all summer. Since that summer and completing her various certifications, Sara has become passionate about making exercise more fun and accessible while also incorporating mindfulness techniques into her training plans. Sara is also a Hoya alumna, having completed her MA in Linguistics with a concentration in Language and Communication from Georgetown University in 2020. When she is not working with clients, Sara also enjoys practicing handstands, trying new vegan recipes, and spending time with the people she loves.