Fitness Resources for Swimmers

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By Bethany Bower
Director of Aquatics & Risk Management

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all are healthy and safe at home. Are you anxious to get back in the water, so much so that you miss the smell of chlorine from your hair and skin? 

There is nothing better than the feeling of your body moving through the water but sadly there is really no way to replicate that feeling on land. As someone who has been swimming both competitively and for general health all my life, I too am frustrated by not being able to get in the water.  

Since March, I have been in search of the “perfect” online workout that will help to keep me in the best “swim shape” I can achieve, without being in the water. Obviously, it is important to maintain a good cardio regimen. E.g. biking, running, walking (at a brisk pace), elliptical etc. However, it is also important not to forget the importance that core strength plays in swimming. In a predominantly overhead sport like swimming, the core is asked for constant engagement to link the movement of the arms and legs, and rotation of the body.  

As I discovered there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of YouTube swimming core exercise videos, but many of them are for more advanced swimmers or require equipment most of us do not have available.   

After countless hours of searching YouTube exercise videos, here are three that I highly recommend.

  1.  Body Weight Exercises for your shoulders 
    This video performed by my wonderful colleague Christie Tippett focuses on the small muscles surrounding the shoulders and core strength both very important in preventing shoulder injury. Several times each week, Christie hosts a variety of conditioning and stretching programs on the Yates Field House Facebook page. All of them are well thought out with exercises that can be done easily in your home. View all past and upcoming virtual exercise classes here. 
  1. Swim Specific Core Exercises
    Although more geared to triathletes, the exercises on this video also focus on the core body. What I like most about this video is they offer three levels of each exercise with alternative pieces of equipment that are easy to find in your home.  
  1. How To Train For Swimming At Home Pt. 1 | Swim Training Exercises
    Again, this video focuses mostly on the core, but a little more variety of exercises to choose from. 

Looking for more resources? Visit our Virtual Aquatics Resources page.

I look forward to the day I get to see you back at Yates and we are all enjoying that wonderful feeling and the smell of chlorine!!