Meal Prepping and Planning

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By Maegen C. Stoner, Director of Fitness & Wellness
June Fitness & Wellness Corner

A few tips from Maegen for planning meals, preparing food, and shopping healthy on a college budget:

1. Stick to a limited number of recipes

You likely have many competing responsibilities for your time, so it’s unlikely that you can commit to learning how to make multiple complicated recipes that can introduce unnecessary stress. Find a few recipes that you enjoy eating, making, and that are quick and easy to prepare. Focus on developing your skill set with these recipes. Maybe invite your friends over too. Cooking together is extremely enjoyable!

2. Make a list, stick to the list, and plan around your schedule

Set aside some time to plan out what you will be eating for the week. Make a list of ALL the items you will need (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). When you’re planning, review your schedule and make a note of which nights you’re free and when you have meetings, practices, or work. Save easy recipes for those nights or double up on servings on nights that you’re free so you can simply heat up leftovers. While shopping, make sure to stick to the items on your list. Grabbing items that look good when you’re there will run up your grocery bill very quickly, so refrain from shopping while hungry 🙂 

3. Shop the store brand

Generic brand products are a great way to save money. They’re usually cheaper than most popular brand names. They have the same quality and virtually identical ingredient lists. If you coupon, most coupons are for name-brand items. A good coupon can drastically lower the price, sometimes less than the store brand. Be sure to compare the prices when there are sales too!

4. Discount Cards 

Most grocery stores offer a member discount card. Be sure to visit and sign-up for one at the customer service desk before you begin shopping. Stores will scan your card when you check out so that you get the sale prices advertised throughout the store! Some stores also offer an additional e-savings, so make sure to check for this option and link your email to your card to get these extra discounts.

5. Meal Component Prepping

Think about what you can do ahead of time or in between tasks that require minimal effort. This is a great method to use when you are really limited on availability and may not be able to prepare full meals. It’s also a fun way to utilize your study break!  Prep, chop, and/or cook vegetables, fruits, and grains, and mix them together with greens and/or various proteins throughout the week to create a well-balanced meal.


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