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Maegen C. Stoner
Director, Fitness & Wellness

Working out at home is our new jam! We are excited to share some alternatives to a few of your favorite pieces of gym equipment and how you can still pack that punch with your sweat sesh. We’ve also listed some more affordable options for purchasing equipment to get you started. When visiting company websites, don’t forget to sign up for the additional discounts offered!

For more inspiration, visit the Yates Outside The Gates section of our website for our virtual resources. Also be sure to check out our video on Instagram (@yatesfieldhouse) to see some of the items our team is using for home workouts.

Please read on for an incredible story from one of our contractors! I promise it’s worth the extra scrolling 🙂

Equipment TypeAlternativesPurchasing Options
Yoga MatCarpet
Beach Towel
Bath Towel
Yoga Accessories
Yoga Direct
5 Below-Yoga Mat
Equipment TypeAlternativesPurchasing Options
Weight Plates
Body Bars
Cans of Food
Water Bottles
Jugs of Water
Laundry Detergent
Paint Cans
Bags of Apples/Potatoes/Onions
Cast Iron Skillet
Suitcase Filled With Clothes/Shoes
Bags of Rice/Flour/Dried Beans
Reusable Grocery Bags Filled With Cans/Rice/Flour/Dried Beans
Spring Clamps  
Feed/Grain Sack
PVC Pipe 
Steel Pipe
Sand Bags
BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags
Leaktite One Gallon Plastic Bucket
BESSEY Spring Clamps
LA Linen Burlap Sack
The Plumber’s Choice Steel Pipe
Charlotte Pipe PVC Pipe

Various Equipment Purchasing Options

A Special Share – Contractor Spotlight on Will Wong

You know that show, American Ninja Warrior? Well, I am very excited to share an inspirational story from one of our contractors, Will Wong, and his journey to being selected for ANW! 

“I was originally one of approximately 500 contestants picked from over 70,000 applicants for Season 12. I got The Call (as it’s known in those circles) and was officially notified in early March 2020. I considered that a victory in itself due to the sheer numbers of contestants and how serious and qualified all of them were. Plus I’m 49 years old. I was scheduled to compete April 6th in DC at the DC Armory. Of course, two weeks later the CV19 quarantine started and the show was officially postponed. 

As far as the application process, personally for me, it was unusual. I only found out January 24, 2020 that the show was coming to DC. I applied online mostly as a goof to satisfy the requests of friends, but unfortunately the applications needed to be completed by December 6, 2019 for Season 12. I still went ahead and filled out the very lengthy online application just out of curiosity and to see what the form was like. I knew it would be rejected immediately and a waste of time but I was curious, nonetheless.

The complete application needed to include a 2-3 minute submission video describing yourself and abilities. When I applied, I didn’t have that video mostly because I’d never planned to ever apply. I submitted the application with a 10 second video of me deadlifting a PR (personal record) and left it at that. Four hours later I got a call from Los Angeles and it was a representative of the show. It was Friday at 4pm EST. She was extremely polite and asked if I could film an actual submission video, as required, so that she could send it to NBC in New York. She said she needed it uploaded to her by the following Tuesday at the latest. I had no idea what was involved in making one of these videos and after I viewed the two extremely well produced examples she sent me, I knew I was in over my head. Luckily my son has a lot of experience with video editing from school & I basically begged him to help his father. He had midterms to prepare for all weekend, but by Monday night, he was able to weave together all the material I gave him and that’s the final product shared on Youtube. I was told by everyone I met that’s familiar with the application process, that the initial phone call I got was unheard of and never happens, especially asking for me to complete my late application and the fact that over 70,000 other people managed to do that and on time. 

Like I said before, it was a huge honor getting The Call, and was enough for me. Hopefully, I’ll resubmit a new video next year and I’ll get picked again as a 50 year old contestant.”

Words above shared with permission by Will Wong. 

A true accomplishment and one that we are extremely proud of Will for achieving! Check out Will’s ANW submission video here and catch a glimpse of his at home gym set-up (I am personally jealous). Follow along as he continues his journey for another hopeful ANW season by checking out his Instagram and/or Facebook page.


Have a suggestion that’s worked for you or want to share your home gym set-up? We’d love to hear from you so we can share your innovations to inspire our community! Please send us a direct message on Instagram: @yatesfieldhouse or Facebook: Yates Field House-Georgetown University. 

Stay well! 


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