Pool Guidelines

  1. Soap showers are required before entering the pool, especially by those coming off the patio where oils are being used.
  2. Bathing suits must be worn by everyone entering the pool. Cut-offs, gym shorts, sports bras, underwear, and cotton shirts are not allowed. Here is the full list of permitted and prohibited swim attire.
  3. Children under 12 must be directly supervised* by an adult 16 years or older in the water or from the deck at all times. *Use of electronic devices is prohibited while the child is in the water.
  4. Swimming underwater for more than 3/4 of a length, and/or prolonged breath holding, and breath holding training or games are not allowed. Prolonged repetitive breath-holding can be deadly. Doing so tells the body not to ask for oxygen, which can cause one to pass out and drown.
  5. All US Coast Guard approved floatation devices are permitted, use by non-swimmers requires direct in the water adult supervision. Water Wings are prohibited.
  6. Kickboards are for kicking laps in the designated lap lanes only. They should not be for any other use that they are not intended.
  7. No running, pushing or conduct that may endanger other patrons.
  8. No diving in the main lap pool. Diving boards are off limits except during designated open board times and to members of the Georgetown University Diving Team and only when supervised by a diving coach. Diving from the sides of the diving well is permitted.
  9. Persons with skin infections, open wounds, nasal or ear discharge or any communicable diseases are not permitted in the pool.
  10. All non-potty trained children must wear a plastic diaper, with a bathing suit over the diaper.
  11. Spitting or nose blowing into the pool or onto the deck is prohibited.
  12. Food, drinks, glass containers or breakable objects of any kind are not permitted in the pool area or locker room.
  13. Ball playing is prohibited in the pool area. Inflatable beach balls and sponge balls are allowed in the pool during uncrowded periods. Water polo balls are allowed only at the discretion of the Director of Aquatics or designated club practice times.
  14. Lap lanes are to be used only by a person swimming laps or water walking.
  15. Use of starting blocks is restricted to approved swim meets and varsity swim practices only.
  16. Lane lines are designed to separate lanes. They may not be hung on or abused in any way.
  17. Adults take priority over children in the designated lap lanes
  18. Band-Aids should be removed before entering the pool.
  19. If there are more than two swimmers sharing a lap lane, then circle swimming should be done.
  20. Profanity, fighting, any other inappropriate behavior (including intimate contact) will not be tolerated. In addition, patrons should treat each other and the staff with courtesy.

McCarthy Pool by the Numbers

  • Main Pool
    • Length: 25 yards
    • Depth: 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet
  • Diving Well
    • Length: 15 yards
    • Depth: 13 feet
  • Average daily pool temperature: 81 degrees
  • Filled with approximately 400,000 gallons of water
  • 1 mile in the Main pool is 68 lengths (1,700 yards)
  • ADA compliant pool lift available.