Celebrating Our Staff: Erik Williams

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As a feature in our new blog, we are excited to celebrate the support staff and instructors that contribute to the Yates family and our members.  Our first feature is a ‘no brainer.’  Erik Williams has actual family connections to Yates and has practically grown up as part of the Yates family.

Erik Williams

Erik Williams

Name: Erik Williams

Position at Yates: Maintenance staff currently, and formerly a counselor for the Day Camp.

How long have worked at Yates?  9 years.

How did you start working at Yates?  My mother used to work here when I was a baby. I would always come to the gym to workout and when I was finally of age to work in DC, this was one of the places that I inquired about. I’ve been here off and on ever since!

What’s your favorite part about Yates?  My favorite part about working here is the diverse community that comes through. People from different walks of life all coming together for one purpose — to increase/maintain their health.

What’s something you’ve learned from Yates and taken elsewhere in your life?  I’ve learned so much from Yates that I’ve taken with me outside of Yates. One example is that Chaz Kennedy has taught me to think more carefully, critically before I ask someone a question or for help. Often times, I’ve discovered that I could answer my own question.

Finally, what’s your favorite way to work out at Yates?  If anyone knows me the least bit, then they know that my favorite way to exercise is through playing basketball. Words cannot express how much I loooooove basketball. I just did a rough calculation of how much of my time I have spent on Yates basketball courts and I calculated that since the age of 10 until now (I’m 23) I’ve spent 506 full, 24 hour days on those courts. Crazy passion right?