National Recreation Day 2016 Recap

Posted in Special Events

On Friday, February 5, 2016, Yates Field House successfully celebrated National Recreation Day with a variety of fitness and entertainment events. Students, faculty, staff, and other Yates members were able to participate in group fitness classes, cornhole, Battleship, Log Rolling, and more. Check out our feature video of the events below.

During the event, Yates members were able to work out to their favorite tunes from a live DJ. Yates also served pizza as a post-workout snack.

National Recreation Day's Battleship champions

Congrats to the winning Battleship team, First Order!

The day wrapped up in the evening with Log Rolling and a Battleship tournament. After a long and hard fight from many student teams, Battleship team “First Order” took home the championship! Many other students enjoyed testing their skills in Log Rolling while the tournament was in progress.

Thanks to all for coming out to celebrate National Recreation Day. Yates encourages members to keep staying active throughout the year… and gear up for Rec Day 2017!