Local Boy Scout Troop Practices Their Swimming Skills at Yates

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Boy Scout Troop 666 from Glover Park used the Yates pool last Thursday for some swim practice and aquatic fun.

With the summer months approaching, the scouts needed to clarify that they are competent swimmers before getting ready for Summer Camp. The group will be attending Camp Rodney on the Chesapeake where they will be participating in several water activities.

During their evening at Yates, 15 scouts demonstrated and learned important water safety skills. They completed tasks such as jumping into water deeper than their height, swimming 75 yards, and treading water for three minutes.

The name of Troop 666 goes back about 80 years. Once upon a time The troop met in the basement of a local pharmacy and a popular medicine was named 666. Thus, the troop number was founded.

We hope you had a great time discovering your swimming ability at Yates, Troop 666!