Morning Facility Manager

Randy Richardson, a.k.a the Mayor of Georgetown, a.k.a Golden Boy, has been with the Yates Field House Family for over 30 years. As a result, we have so much information about him that we thought it best to just list everything to do him justice:

  • He was born at Georgetown.
  • Randy has been a Facility Manager who has steadfastly opened Yates in the mornings. For. Over. 30. Years. He’s that awesome.
  • He went to the original Archbishop Carroll High School and was classmates with John Thompson Jr.
  • He later received his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Memphis State University.
  • Has a taste for fine beverages and enjoys sunbathing out on the pool patio.
  • Various jobs he’s had: Army Military Police stationed in Germany, substitute teacher for P.E. for D.C. and Maryland schools, educational support person for the Memphis State Men’s Basketball team, construction, bartender (shout out to Chas, who met Randy while also bartending and introduced him to Yates), manager of restaurants, and landlord.