The Last Days of Summer

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By Haley Harrington-Thomas
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

This summer has been quite the challenge. Usually, Yates staff would be welcoming various summer camps, community members, students taking summer classes, and more into our facility. This year, we’re on day 138 and counting of being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve experienced loss and uncertainty, and dearly miss seeing and interacting with our members.

But we’ve also experienced hope. Members on our team have gotten married, had a baby, adopted pets, and explored new outdoor areas. We’ve acclimated to a virtual environment with our peers to work to continue providing health and wellness opportunities for the Georgetown community. Weekly virtual check-ins with each other are the new normal. We’ve learned to better treasure the small things in life that we might have taken for granted before. More time with our families, shortened commutes, and a deeper appreciation for when we are able to see each other, either in person for facility checks, or on a virtual Zoom meeting. We’ve learned new skills, tried out new hobbies, and found that perfect spot in our home to set up shop and continue working.

As we come to the close of another summer, we thought we’d share some pictures that represent new chapters of our lives, new experiences we now love, and brief moments that will stay with us in the years to come.

While we don’t yet know when our facility will reopen, we do know that we won’t stop providing the best possible programs and resources. We will continue to miss our members, as they are what makes Yates such a fun place to work and feel like a second home. So for now, we wave hello, hope that everyone stays safe and healthy, and wait for a time that we can see you in person again.

Yates Field House professional staff waving hello over a Zoom call.

Beth | Director, Aquatics & Risk Management

Three images. The first is of Beth golfing. The second is a completed puzzle about gold. The third is a picture overlooking the Potomac River.
  1. Golfing in the Shenandoah’s in May.
  2. Completion of 1,000 piece puzzle. (highly recommend White Mountain puzzles).
  3. Lots of long walks

Christie | Assistant Fitness Director

Five images, four of which are from Christie's hiking and camping adventures. The fifth is a frame of pressed flowers from her wedding bouquet.

I have been staying active this Spring/Summer by hiking, biking, and exploring multiple camping sites in PA and the DMV area with my pup and husband (you heard that right..husband)! We had to cancel our initial wedding due to the circumstances of the pandemic, but we decided to move forward with getting married with our immediate families by our side! 💖 The photo of the frame is our attempt to preserve our wedding flowers. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤞

Haley | Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Seven pictures. Three are nature pictures from walks. One is of a backyard garden. Two are of cats. The last shows a kayak on a lake.

Trying really hard not to kill my plants and hoping for a big veggie harvest. 🤞 Laughing at my quirky cats! Finding new ways to stay active with my husband while home, like discovering new walking trails and lakes for kayaking.

Maegen | Director, Fitness & Wellness

Six pictures total. Three are of Maegen's new baby. Two are of Maegen with her baby in a stroller. The last is of her dog laying on a yoga mat.

We became a family of four! In true Maegen fashion, our daughter made her entrance 4 weeks early and has been our source of joy over the last 4.5 months. Becoming a mom has been one of the greatest gifts! Luckily she loves being outside just as much as I, so strolls around the neighborhood with her fur sister are certainly the highlight of our day.

Meg | Director, Yates Field House

Eight total pictures. Two show a motorcycle. One is of the Capitol Building. One is of Wedge posing for the camera in Yates. One is of Meg chopping wood. Two are of Meg with her dog, Nix. The last is of Meg with Nix and a newly adopted kitten.

Going for long motorcycle rides, no crowds at the National Mall, preparing for completion of the Kehoe renovation, staying active by chopping wood, and lots and lots of pet hugs.

Wedge | Director, Intramural Sports

Four pictures total. One of a Pennsylvania rest stop. One of Wedge's two dogs. One of Wedge's pool. The last is Wedge's garden.

The future home state. The tropical oasis backyard. My two youngest daughters. The beans and onions in my garden.