Astrologically Aligned Activity

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By Emma Chuck (COL ’22)
Campus Recreation Communications Assistant
April 2022

The stars have spoken, and they’re telling you to come visit us at Yates Field House! For anyone who might want a celestially-inspired workout, the cards are on the table. Check out our suggestions for each sign below!

Capricorns are known for their discipline and control, admirable qualities that help you achieve and inspire others! Because you are so great at getting to the top, one of your equipment matches is the StepMill, a moving staircase a little different than the traditional Stairmasters due to their fixed step height and more constant rate. Woodways are also fantastic for someone who can handle the challenge of its curved belt and slatted tracks. Finally, the shoulder press is a classic upper body movement that strengthens your shoulders and upper back, perfect for someone as serious and practical as you!

The rowing machine is a cardio machine that works your whole body as you push with your legs and arms to move the simulated rowboat. It’s perfect for an Aquarius, whose energetic independence will make for a satisfying, empowered rowing session! Connection matters to an Aquarius, and that’s also why the torso rotation and its fluidity will also suit an Aquarius. The ultimate connection is also found in our smooth, strong cable machines—the cables attach to a handle of your choice, and you can adjust the weight to your liking! It gives you the independence you need and a great workout. 

Artistic, gentle, and understanding, Pisces signs exemplify watery traits of being empathetic and emotional havens. The workout equipment that matches your caring spirit is the elliptical and the helpful medicine balls. The elliptical helps you get your cardio in with its gliding, smooth two platforms. Pisces are often helpful and generous, so the equipment that is often used for rehabilitation and strength training fits well with those traits: the medicine ball is a weighted sphere that you can use for throwing, flexibility, and balance. 

Aries are the first fire signs in the zodiac: they possess courage, confidence, energy, and action! To fit those fiery qualities, the bicep curl is the upper body movement that is classically powerful and burns those arm muscles. Aries also fits the dynamic plyo box: as natural rulers, they have the power to hold command over the vertical challenge and conquer them. The same power is also found in the stable, steady Olympic bench, which serves as the standard—it’s competition-grade equipment for advanced weight training. These sturdy benches can support heavy weights and has high capacity for support cradles, too!

The reliable, practical bunch of the twelve signs are those who were born under the Taurus sign. Taurians match well with the chest press, a classic chest exercise to build upper body strength. The two-handed movement also matches the tactile, hands-on approach that suits a Taurus’s style. Similarly, for more customization to suit your needs, the Body Bars available in the stretching area would give the same useful stability for strengthening. The items are weighted fitness bars used for strength conditioning and functional training in a user-friendly, versatile form. 

The sign of the twins, Geminis are gentle, curious, expressive, and fun! They need socialization and change as air signs. Equipment to fit Gemini qualities would be the AMTs, the Adaptive Motion Trainers. They are the most versatile cardio machine because you can change strides, walk or run, climb, and step to personalize every workout! Likewise, the movement of the rear delt and the chest fly complement each other, just like the similarity and difference of twins! The last movement that works with Gemini signs is a row—balanced with a weight in both hands, you can perform this movement and strengthen your upper body! 

The leg press is the perfect machine for the tenacious, intuitive Cancer. Cancers are also imaginative and intuitive, and so dumbbells are a fitting piece of equipment. Simple short bars with weight at each end, they are used in pairs for exercise and muscle building and can be used in a number of ways. Cancers are also sympathetic and in touch with their emotions, so the reassurance and support of Cancers is embodied within foam rollers! Stored in the corner of the stretching areas, foam rollers are so useful because they can relieve muscle tightness, soreness, inflammation, and can increase joint range of motion. Use them for warmup and cooldown! 

The confidence and leadership of Leos is clear, and the machine that best matches Leo dominance is the classic Smith machine! This equipment is a weight machine that consists of a fixed barbell. It has near vertical movement to work the entire body, and slots are used to rack the barbell. The barbell then, in fixed position, glides up and down the steel sides. Smith machines are good for a weighty challenge, but Leos also work well with uniting others and accomplishing things. The challenge of table tennis, in which 2-4 players hit a lightweight ball on a hard table and using small rackets, will suit an energetic Leo perfectly! The play is fast and needs quick reaction.

Virgos are analytical and hardworking, and the tennis courts are a perfect setting for Virgos to demonstrate their tactics in tennis, where accuracy and diligence are important qualities. But that’s not all—Virgos would also work well with the fixed pulldown machine, designed to work the lat muscles. It performs downward rotation through the adduction and extension of shoulder joint. It uses moving weights/resistance with fixed body as opposed to fixed bar and moving body, and the methodical nature of the machine will make for a Virgoan workout. If more heart-pumping work is needed to meet the hardworking nature of a Virgo, try an arc trainer! This is a popular alternative motion unit that offers efficiency, effectiveness with 3 machines in 1. 

Libra of the scales means cooperation and fairness are at the forefront, and the TreadClimber is the best machine to match these qualities: Two belts alternate up and down, thus creating a combination treadmill, stair climber, and elliptical all in one. This machine requires some coordination, and Libras, who are well-balanced, seem suited to the task! For the lower body, the calf extension is a simple machine, similar to the leg press. Instead of pushing resistance plate with legs, you flex your ankles and push the plate with the balls of your feet, and what a fitting exercise for a Libra, who needs harmony and cooperation. Coordination and symmetry are needed for the calf extension! Lastly, find your center with the abdominals machine: this works your midsection by sitting in the structure and crunching forward; strengthening your core helps with overall balance and strength! 

The Scorpios are a powerful, resourceful, determined bunch; the gym equipment that best fits Scorpios is the T-Bar Row, a barbell with a big plate weight attached to one end and connected to a platform on the other. To use it, you stand with the bar between your legs. Then, you can pull the bar towards you to improve your upper body strength! Similar energy emanates from the Synrgy machines, which feature cables and weights to fit your needs—Scorpio focus and power will delight in the adjustable weights and handles and smooth, capable cables. Lastly, try the hip adduction and/or abduction machines to build power in your legs! 

The Sagittarius sign is endowed with a free spirit, curiosity, and optimism—and the Treadmill is a perfect complement. Intuitive to use, this machine will have Sagittarians on the move! For extra travel opportunity, our Indoor Track will allow you to roam, rain or shine. If you’d like to satisfy your energetic nature, you can also try the Hammer Strength squat racks: 2 steel stands with 2 or more pins will work your entire body. This machine is good for compound-specific movements—you’ll avoid being locked into fixed movement pattern, perfect for a Sagittarius who can’t be still! It also assists you in performing strength training exercises as the adjustable stands stabilize the weighted barbell for you to lift.

We tried our best to read the signs, but the universe is hard to pin down—at the very least, we hope you’ve come away with some ideas! Wishing you many more satisfying workouts inside Yates Field House, whatever you choose. See you soon!

This blog post was written to provide educational information only. This article should not be used as a substitute or a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your personal health, you should always consult with your physician. It is recommended that you consult with your physician or health care professional before beginning any fitness regimen to determine if it is suitable for your needs. The use of any information provided by this article is solely at your risk.