Photo of front of Yates Field House with its lights on in the evening.
Campus Recreation at Yates Field House offers comprehensive recreational, fitness, and wellness programming to serve the university community.

Facility Operating Status

Yates Field House and Kehoe Field are currently CLOSED until further notice. All memberships and add-ons have been suspended until we reopen. Please continue to monitor our webpage and other social media channels for updates.

To answer some of the frequently asked questions from members, we have launched the COVID-19 Closure FAQs page on our website. Please visit the page for answers to some of the questions that you may have.

We are continuing to offer time slots for rental locker pickups. If you would like to collect your locker belongings, please fill out our Rental Locker Pickup Form.

The University is working hard to keep the community safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the outbreak, the university will provide frequent and regular communication to our community as federal and local health guidance changes on the COVID-19 Resource Center page.

As the primary recreation and fitness provider for the Georgetown University community, the Campus Recreation at Yates Field House department provides fitness and wellness programs and spaces for Georgetown students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community members.

Yates Outside the Gates – Virtual Exercise Series
How are you staying motivated? We at Yates Field House recognize the difficulty that may arise when working to stay active during this tough time, so we wanted to help by providing you with both pre-recorded and live classes throughout the weeks to come! All you will need is a little room and your awesome self. A captioned version of our live workouts will be available here and on all social media platforms within 24 hrs of the completion of the stream. Enjoy!

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