Prospective Player Information

Are you a current or prospective Georgetown University student interested in club sports?

With more than 30 teams, the Club Sports program offers diverse recreation opportunities for students.  Teams are entirely student-run and available for students of all sport experience and skill levels.  Teams vary in frequency of competition and location of practices.  Typical club teams practice twice per week at on-campus and (sometimes) off-campus locations.  Larger club teams feature coaches and competitive tryouts to form A & B teams.

Getting Involved With Club Sports

At the beginning of each semester, the Council of Advisory Boards (CAB) Fair features kiosks for Club Sports teams. Interested students are encouraged to attend, meet current team members, and sign up for upcoming practices and e-mail lists.  Additionally, a Club Sports Open House is held each Fall for teams to meet prospective players.  Also, interested players are free to contact individual teams directly for specific information.  Team contact information is available on the Club Sport Directory.