Who can benefit from Health Coaching?

Anyone who has struggled with reaching a personal health goal can benefit from working with a certified health coach. Whether your goals are physical, mental, spiritual, financial, or social, our health coaches can help guide you toward your optimal version of health.

What are examples of Health Coaching goals?

Examples of goals include craving control, optimal weight, stress management, and managing behavior-related changes due to a pre-diabetes diagnosis or recent cardiac event.

How does Health Coaching differ from Personal Training?

Health Coaching complements the personal training services offered at Yates. Personal training provides clients with individually tailored programs to increase their physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. Yates nationally certified trainers have expertise in safety and proper form and will creatively develop programs that meet their client's exercise goals.

Health Coaching now provides a service that allows clients to integrate movement goals with other aspects of health and wellness that will move them toward their vision of total health in mind, body, and spirit.

How long do Health Coaching sessions last?

Each Health Coaching session lasts 50 minutes. Health Coaching services can be purchased in a three-session package, totaling 2.5 hours of Health Coaching.

Where do Health Coaching sessions take place?

Health Coaching sessions can take place at Yates Field House, in a quiet on-campus office, or by telephone. The location of sessions is determined by the preference of the client.

What have previous clients said about their Health Coaching experiences?

"Lena provided me with a holistic understanding of wellness and health because of her background in personal training and fitness. She helped me approach my triathlon training with a newfound awareness and provided me with the support I needed to train for my first Ironman. She is positive and a great motivator.” -V